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Our Mission

We provide community-centered solutions for housing, commercial spaces, and preservation of agricultural land and natural areas, while working toward a sustainable economic and environmental future for Woodstock and its citizens.

About Us

As a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, we’re able to raise funds for projects that otherwise would not provide an adequate return to attract developers. We partner with regional and state organizations with expertise in such projects, including Twin Pines Housing Trust, Upper Valley Land Trust, the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, and others.  

With the support of donors in our town as well as foundations and state agencies, we’re able to further our mission. We do not receive funding from town or village government, but we do work collaboratively with local officials.  

We’re governed by a board of trustees who are usually residents of Woodstock. The board hires consultants or project managers as needed to oversee specific projects.  

We act primarily as a facilitator, bringing in resources and making connections. 

We may, in certain cases, purchase land to hold temporarily while development plans are completed. We are contemplating the possibility of acting as a local land trust, an entity that could hold property in perpetuity to guarantee more affordable housing or conservation.



Community Preservation Homes

The Woodstock Community Trust  is implementing the Community Preservation Homes Program in partnership with Twin Pines Housing Trust  to help moderate income people sustainably stay in our community.  We seek to preserve primary housing stock and to make Village homes available for sale at an attainable price to qualifying people who live in the Woodstock area or work full-time in Woodstock.

The price of properties in Woodstock is inflated by the demand for properties by second homeowners and investment property owners.  Currently, less than half of the homes in Woodstock are primary residences.

A major hurdle for people looking to buy their first home is accumulating sufficient funds for the down payment, legal and closing costs and frequently for necessary repairs.  But while the down payment may be out of a person’s reach, they may be able to afford a reasonable monthly mortgage payment. Program funds will go to “buy-down” the home price, bridging the gap between what is available in the real estate market and what is affordable to moderate income households, and to make the necessary repairs to reduce the likelihood of non-routine maintenance in the first few years.  The goal is to make these homes affordable for those such as teachers, local police and local business owners.

Woodstock Community Trust will purchase residential property located in Woodstock Village, make any necessary repairs and sell the home with a deed restriction to qualified households.  

This Program is a one-at-a-time type of solution. It is not intended to be the only solution to Woodstock's housing needs, but as one  part of a larger housing mosaic.


For more information about an on-going project, please contact us by filling out the form below.

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John Endicott

John moved to Vermont from Orlando, Fl where he was CFO of a healthcare design/build firm. His background in real estate, and experience having witnessed the negative impacts of uncontrolled growth in Florida led him to his interest in land conservation. He currently serves on the boards of Sustainable Woodstock, The Woodstock History Center, and Taftsville Trails, and holds a degree in Economics from Clemson University and an MBA-Finance from Florida State. John lives in Taftsville with his wife Jennifer, and his son Devon attends UMass-Amherst.


Ana Dinatale

Native of Woodstock, VT, Ana DiNatale has been a member of the Woodstock Community for over 25 years. She began doing her work as an intern for Sustainable Woodstock to then become a Board Member. She now works with her sister in her running one of the more prominent coffee shops in the village, giving Woodstock residents and visitors a place to work and meet. She has also begun to create her own business within the tourism industry as an event coordinator. Ana holds a position as a Village Trustee. She is passionate about being active within the Woodstock Community and will continue doing so while raising her daughter Amara in the village.



Nancy is a resident of Taftsville and is an active community member.



After years of working in the corporate world as a management consultant helping businesses achieve their goals I now spend my time teaching The Avatar® Course to people who want to make a change in their life and achieve their goals.

I am a skilled strategic planner, brand builder and facilitator and a co-founder of The Sage Network, a group of senior facilitation professionals. I serve as the President of the Women Business Owner’s Network of Vermont (WBON). In March I was re-elected to Woodstock’s Select Board, the governing body for the town.